Gen1 Firmware any chance to develop it

Hi, Im avid user of WD TV Gen1 and we have 3 units installed to our house. I would like to know if there are further firmware updates plan to be created for Gen 1 series. Right now my problem is I have a movie file using DTS audio wherein if I play it with WD TV the movie is not in synch with audio, however if I play the movie on my PC via Kmplayer or VLC is working fine. Maybe there is a way our Gen 1 can be supported. 

Western Digital announced that the Gen1 WDTV HD was End Of Life back in April.  There will be no further updates for it.

so meaning the 1.03 is the final firmware for this? If yes thanks. How about the Gen 2 then which is capable to downmix DTS to stereo, what is the plan lifespan to support it? Would it be EOL soon? Thanks!

Yes, 1.03.01 is the last update from WD for the Gen1.

I’ve not seen anytihing official from WD yet about the Gen2 being EOL, but it’s looking like it won’t be long before it becomes officially EOL as well.

It’s no longer listed in the Media Player section of the WD website, and BestBuy hasn’t listed them for a while now.  But WD has not yet moved it to the “Legacy” section of the website (where the Gen1 is), so at this point, everything is just guessing until WD comes out and says what’s going on.