New firmware for 2nd gen bad? 1st gen plays mp4 better than 2nd gen


I just bought a 2nd gen wd tv to replace my 1st gen that had been working beautifully until now.

First I have firmware 1.01.79 preinstalled in it. At WDs support the highest version to download is 1.01.77. Has anyone heard anything about this firmware? It is weird that WD doesn’t supply their latest firmware for download. But as far as I can tell it is faulty, so maybe that explains it.

The problem so far is that when I play a mp4 file on the 2nd gen, (that plays without any problem on my old 1st gen), the sound and image goes out of synch after I fast forward.This never happened with my old player. I swapped back and fort but I could not make the file misbehave with the 1st gen and I could not make it work with the new wdtv. What is this? Progress?

Anyone recognize this problem? What I should do?

I am very disappointed.

Firmware 1.01.79 is the same as 1.01.77 except it supports a hardware change on the board;  WD added an MCU that controls standby power in order to quailify for some European ECO-Certification.

This is a known unresolved issue with Gen2.If you can get your money back, do it !! There has been no Firmware update on Gen 2 for over a year.

Like Powel says, if there’s any chance of you returning the WD TV Gen2 for no (or minimal) cost, do so.

WD do not appear to have any plans to fix outstanding bugs.  Gen2 is essentially an EOL / unsupported product.

If you still have any faith in WD, the WD TV Live range work well for me (although they will never support DTS-HD audio and subtitle support for anime is a joke).  Netflix works well but WD uses an old UI that lacks search and feels slow.  They meet my needs but only barely.

There’s not exactly a shortage of attractive competing media streamers out there.  Hit the forums for a few and see which one appears to have solid support and good communication with their userbase.

Media streamers don’t seem to be a priority for WD.  

Next time around, I’ll probably choose a company that specialises in media streamers rather than a company like WD that does it half-arsed just to get a little revenue from that market.

Thanks for the clear advice! I will return it. My old wdtv, 1st gen, has delivered everything I needed for two years. It has been great and I have great respect for that. I thought gen 2 would be the natural progression right now. Unfortunately it is not. Too bad. There are a lot of disappointing mediaplayers out there as far as I can tell. I might give the wdtv live a try first, though it should be the same as the gen 2. I’ve heard some good things about Boxee, but some bad as well.

Pal, both of us made the mistake of buying this ■■■■ . I bought it in the initial stage.  AS i was suggested this player in some forums, i went ahead with the purchase. But they shouldnt be blamed cuz no one knows there is such an incorrigible a/v sync bug. Now i badly  regret . That was my case. But since you have bought it recently you could have researched a bit before buying this ■■■■…

THis is the first WD product in my life and i will never suggest WD to anyone, even to my enemy…

WHen i came to know about this issue i emailed WD querying their next FW release. They bluntly replied, SIR THIS IS THE FINAL FIRMWARE AND WE ARE SORRY TO SAY THAT THIS PRODUCT IS EOLed. Moreover WD cant guarantee the playback of files downloaded from the internet which are ripped with tons of audio video codecs. SOrry…

 I cursed them in my reply . Finally in order to convince me they replied that there will be one more update but they arent sure when it will be out… But that is not going to happen anyday…

Ok mate, let me come to your part. Is there a policy where we can return the product to WD in such cases ??. Will WD accept our product and give replacement/refund ?. I dont think so…

BTW may i know your locality ? . I am from INDIA