WD TV Gen2 Outdated Firmware Problem!

I have two WD TV Gen1, a WD TV Gen2, and a WD TV Live. I bought WD TV Gen2 for  watching 1080p movies and decoding DTS sound. I was a WD fan, but nowadays I hate from WD for outdated WD TV Gen2 firmware. Is the WD TV Gen2 a orphaned toy? Are you thinking the WD TV Gen2 is obsolete? Don’t you think to resolve playback issues, header removal recompression problems, sound synch problems. What do you think about WD TV Gen2? We know the WD TV Gen2 and WD TV Live shares nearly the same hardware platform. In this period, WD made more than 20 updates to WD TV Live!

Why do you force us to sell our WD TV Gen2 units and buy a new media player  like more functional NMTs?

An old WD Fan.

Are there anyone here from Western Digital, are we speaking alone?

witchdoktor wrote:

Are there anyone here from Western Digital, are we speaking alone?


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Even i am facing the same issue. Except the Network capability the HD and the live version are the same and Updates are released then and there for the LIVE version and the HD version is ignored. WTF !!!..

Today i spoke to a Sr. CE and he told that the manufacturing of the HD version has been stopped and probably there wont be any FW updates for HD ver.   I asked him what has the making of the unit got to to with releasing a FW update for the device ?. He is speechless…

Now he asks me to contact the US support. And moreover he never admits that there is such an issue in all the HD versions , inspite of referring the WD community… He gives lame reasons like there are certain codecs which arent supported by this version.

I clearly stated that regardless of the codec, if its an MP4 file, the audio goes out of sync. Now i have to contact the US support through skype… Dont know whether its possible are not…

BTW from where are you ?.


I’m from Istanbul, Turkey.

Western Digital probably thinks that the WD TV Gen2 and the Gen1  are the same machine, and doesn’t want to enhance the capabilities of these devices to catch-up the more expensive WD TV Live. But in reality, WD TV Live firmware can be easyly adapted to the WD TV Gen2 with a little effort. 

 It’s a shame of Western Digital. 


Ok, so what is the little effort?

I have a WD TV Live which runs everything, yet my WD TV plays out of sync mp4’s.  How do I use the Live firmware on the WD TV?