Attn: WD Admin Staff how about some Customer Support - Gen2 firmware update?

It has been quit a while since a firmware update has been released for this unit.I am sure you are aware that there is a list of issues with this player that need to be addressed.I have two of these units and am beginning to regret my purchase.The player itself seems  to have great potential and does do a lot for the money but  the seeming lack of support  does not instill confidence.

The biggest example is the MP4 sync issue, the unit is advertised as having the capability of playing MP4 video but cannot without a 4-6 sec delay on the audio.This issue has gone unresolved for almost a year !!

I suggest you start to check out some related forums as your products reputation is dwindling in comparison to your competitors

Yeah, due to that MP4 bug,  i’m thinking in NOT buying the WD HD 2nd Gen, and buy ASUS O! Play, thay have better support and every month they keep fixing the bugs of their products. They have a really great support!!

Yes, I have the same problem, I just bought the WD TV HD 2gen and I keep having problems with playing MP4 files… I’m beginning to regret my purchase… I hope that there’s going to be a firmware update…