Your support experience?

I can forgive buggy hardware/firmware, as long as the manufacturer makes a sincere attempt to improve their product. Sadly I don’t see that from WD. As great as my experience has been with their hard drives (performance and support), this has been on the opposite spectrum.

I’ve done the normal browsing forums and looking online, but eventually called support after a series of chronic issues (pink screens, sound plays after exiting a file, really slow UI, and the chronic “low memory” message). Sadly it seems the only thing they can do is send out a refurbished/re-certified box, since there was always minimal software support. If that doesn’t work, they send out another, and on and on (as I had, since the replacement sent wouldn’t even play my files out of the box).

Just curious if anyone had a better experience. I’ve now been pushed to a Tier 2 supervisor. I really don’t expect anything different, but might just push this as far as possible, if nothing else, as a form of protest against shoddy support/products. I would expect this from a Chinese startup, not a “top tier” American company.

My support w/WD has been just fine, and I never stay with the Level 1 support; after a short while I ask to be connected to Level 2. They are the “real” support people at WD. I got a phone call back within 24 hours last time. In the past, even product managers have contacted me.

Before doing RMA, speak with Level 2 tech.

I spoke with Tier 2 yesterday. Think the problem is that my expectations are far too high, and WD had no interest in anything beyond sending out refurbished replacements (that likely have the same issues)…

What an absolute farce. The UK contact for the so called Customer Service is based in Estonia. Total lack of response reaction to either phone or email, Iwas told the other day when complaining of delays, ie. 3or 4days, that we do have other customers" !!! I have on October 14 2015, had replaced by the store I purchased the WDTV Media player from, an updated unit. It was so new that the warehouse had to unpack. Paid the difference in price as the unit was more expensive, connected and it exhibited the same previous fault. Shop suggested contacting WD, Eventually it was agreed on the 15th.December, to refund the purchase cost, as there are no units available. A UPS documentatin was transmitted, with mistakes to Post codes, and the unit is now on its way to Hungary for attention. I am now today advised that there will be no refund actioned until the RMA. has been inspected. So thank you WD for a TV less holiday.