Let's Talk About ASUS O! Play

To all the consumers who buy WD TV 2nd Gen and get punished in the face by Western Digital bad support:

BUY AN ASUS O! Play… !!!I

No sync problems, no downmix to stereo problems, no MP4 or AAC problems… it’s plays ALL and there’s a really GOOD support at ASUSTEK forums. Stop giving your money to Western Digital. They don’t really care abour customer support. They only want your money for some [deleted], unfinished, buggy, hardware.

Until then, Western Digital will be over in a couple of years with their mediaplayers due to lack of support if their business continued in the same way.

Agreed, time to move on and never look back.I have waited almost a year for a new firmware to resolve these issues and nothing.I will also make sure to discourage customers,  friends and family