Very disappointed about wd support for wd tv hd


I have read some complaints about the bugs with the wd tv hd (gen 2) and it’s so disappointed to see that wd doesn’t do anything about… I have the gen 2 player and there is a problem of sync with Avi and mp3 audio,  Mp4 and AAC audio also the aac audio has some audio gaps  every some…and as I said, I am not the only one with these problems and WD doesn’t really care…the last update was 8 months ago


If you can return it do so ! Support is non existent for these things


But the question, why they are so irresponsible to stop the support for this player, I can understand if they say that can not do nothing about because the unit is not capable to do it… but I don’t think that the case, because the Gen 1 doesn’t have that problem and that problem it’s also with the wd tv live.


Same problems here, it’s a discrase that there isn’t any support on this issue!


How long do you want them to support it for?


As I said before, griping here achieves nothing.

Go on Amazon, go on Bestbuy, and give negative reviews if the firmware problem bugs you. Say exactly why you take issue with WD’s performance on the matter. Go on youtube and look up reviews  for the thing and comment about the issue. Nobody looks here to  research the product, so WD doesn’t care about your complaining here. Now if you all complain on Amazon or Bestbuy or NewEgg, that’d get some attention.



Do you work for them?


guilleya wrote:



Do you work for them?

Nope…  Why?


TonyPh12345 wrote:

How long do you want them to support it for?

For as long as it takes to get advertised functionality. You make it sounds like we’re asking for too much here. Let me remind you that it was WD that told us we could play MP4s on these things. It wasn’t us asking for features they weren’t advertising.


TonyPh12345 wrote:

How long do you want them to support it for?

For as long as it is:

A) Still advertised as a current product on their website

B) Is still sold via high street retailers.

As these are both still the case then I expect them to pull their finger out and sort the issues before bringing out more pointless and niche varients


How long?

Hmmm, good question!

Well let’s see, I just bought a Gen 2 at Best Buy just 6 hours ago. Plug in my harddrive and am disappointed to learn that it will not FF/RR m4v files. Google search led me to here and sure enough the live version has a firmware update out THAT  HAS FIXED THE PROBLEM. Evidently the one I just paid good money for is already obsolete.

So yeah, I expect them to support it for at least as long as they are still selling the **bleep** things.

How long do you think they should frakking support it for?