WD Green 6TB and not wanting to return failed drive


I have tended to buy WD drives due to the pretty good RMA policy tha tI have enjoyed for years. I have the Blue, Purple, Reds and Greens in my collection.

Sadly my recently bought WD Green 6TB drive has gone faulty When the PC is powered up the drive will start a series of rapid clicks and will only stop doing that after about one minute when it then goes very silent as though the power has been turned off. This is repeated when placed in another PC.

The drive cannot be accessed at all - neither when it is rapidly clicking nor when it stops doing that. No software can see it. I have a video which shows what happens when this drive is powering up.

The drive is in warranty until half way through 2017…


However the drive has got a lot of sensitive and personal information on it, including account details etc etc etc and so I do not wish to return it without the guarantee that information and details are erased first.

Does that mean I would have to take a hit on losing the drive due to not being able to erase it first prior to an RMA replacement…? Or has anyone had better luck with WD in providing details, video or information etc which would satisfy a warranty replacement without having the physical drive, or at least not in its entirety…?


Hello, I would recommend you to give support a call, as WD have several type of RMA’s that may help you, just let them know that you have sensitive information on the drive.

Yeah I’ll give them a ring tomorrow. I’m sure they will have come upon this type of concern before and I just hope that they can be sympathic to my worries .

… what was the outcome?

I received a “Sensitive data form” from WD which I then completed. When they reviewed it they then authorised a replacement drive without needing the old one back.
However I needed to destroy the old drive and provide photos of that being done to their satisfaction. That went ok.
They then made arrangements for a replacement 6TB WD Green to be sent to me and that is where I am up to I have just checked and it is still pending shipment, where it was on the 11th.

WD have been great and really accommodating, my only concern has been the time it has taken to get the drive back, I am still waiting, but I am aware that is due to my warranty claim not being typical of their replacement policy.

I will ensure disk encryption is used next time as a 6TB drive dying so suddenly has real implications on my storage capabilities.

Overall I am very pleased with how WD have been of great assistance.