WD Blue 3TB HDD failure after 2 months, RMA replacement was dead on arrival

I just received a recertified WD Blue internal HDD, 3.0 TB because the one that I purchased failed after 2 months of use which is unacceptable, but hey, stuff happens.

The replacement that I received today does not power on, and is not recognized by Windows or my BIOS. I have swapped the SATA cord, power cord, and plugged it into to a pair that I have been using for my spare SSD so I know they are good. The device is never recognized by my bios or Disk Management.

As it is the same model as the original drive which worked fine for 2 months, and my setup hasn’t changed, I can only assume that WD has sent me a broken drive as a replacement for my broken drive.

I’m beyond upset with WD right now. I was pretty happy that they sent out a “new” drive right away, even though I had to pay $10 to send them my old one. Now, I just paid so they could send me a “recertified” drive that doesn’t work. Apparently their certification process is pretty lax. The idea of going through another RMA just feels like throwing good money after bad at this point. I’m starting to think I should just cut my losses.

Sorry to hear the replacement drive is not working. On such cases it’s best to contact WD Support directly since RMA and replacement issues can not be resolved by members of the WD Community.

Be sure to let them know your previous RMA number and the status of the current hard drive.