500G WD Blue RMA question

Hey all. Ive got a few bad sectors (now reallocated) and my drive is constantly CHKDSKing every other bootup. Should I RMA the drive right now or wait till it fails completely?? SMART status is ok… I have since removed all data on the drive but this is the path my previous RMA’d drives take before they fail completely. Will they honor a replacement at this time?

WD will honor the replacement an any time during warranty, you don’t need to wait for the drive to completely fail.

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Go!  http://support.wdc.com/warranty/index.asp?wdc_lang=en


WD is very nice in this type of cases, they will replace the drive for you.

good day! I had expiriencing not a good thing about WD blue, I brought it for almost 2weeks and suddenly it doesnt work the bad things about these i didnt have a chance to take my very important files. A few years ago i buy a 2TB WD green i was slightly lucky because it works for 1 and half years compare to my other brand HDD it almost 3 years it still in good condition. I am asking here if there’s a chance to replace my HDD WD blue 500GB and take my files back?


 we hope it is a much better one!