WD EX2 Ultra + easy way to transfer files across + Windows 10 can't see drive

Hi all,

I have a purchased a WD EX2 Ultra to storage my videos and photos and thought this will be the best option for backup using RAID. Unfortunately, I was so wrong. I thought is a user-friendly platform but when reading solution it seems you need to be a master in IT :slight_smile:


I need to find a way to transfer files fast and easy to and from NAS drive. Install Good synch but is so confusing and complicated and thought windows explorer will be an easier option but again issue is to instal a drive that Windows can see it. Mapping brings an error and try fallow many solution I found hear and on WD site but nothing seems work for me. Possible is any other free software you can use to transfer files easy as Total COmander back in 90’s lol

Please can you help with the amateur explanation

Hi @Marcin1 I have the same device as you and I’ll help you to make it work, ok?

I’m assuming that you have already set up your NAS and have access to its web management. If you don’t, let me know.

First. Go to Users and create a username with a strong password. If you want this user to have only local access, don’t add an e-mail to their profile.

When you create a username, the system will automatically create a Share (a directory that can be accessed through the network) with the same name as your username.

That’s ok, but let’s say you want shares that have more generic names like Photos, Movies, Documents, etc… For that, click on Shares and create a new share.
Click on the newly created share and

  • turn off Public
  • turn on Recycle Bin
  • On User Access, enable Read/Write for your previously created username.
    Here your WD must be all set

Now follow these instructions to map your new share on your computer:


Let us now the result

Hi @tijuco

Many thanks for the help with setting the server up.

I did separate user with email account as access for the cloud time to time will be useful.

I create shared folder ‘Photos-Videos’ as a new share (photo enclosed)

That was the easy part I need to admit.

Unfortunately, the folder is not visible under mapping in Windows the new share folder is not visible (photo enclosed).

Under the ‘Network Location’ in Windows Explorer there is visible my server %Hejprzygodo% but in there is only 3 folder Video, Music, Photos (enclosed photo) which are from Publick shared server folder.

Just to add I switch on ‘Turn on network discovery’ under ‘Network sharing options’

I connect the server through home wi-fi and using Talk talk router. have 2 laptops and served in LAN network if that’s help.


Great! If possible, remove those “%” from the name of your NAS. This can cause many problems on Windows.
Instead of “Browse for folder”, type: \\%Hejprzygodo%\Photos-Videos then click next.

@tijuco thank you for help.

The % symbol are made not by myself is something Windows does but I can remove this under Windows explorer. My original NAS name is ‘Hejprzygodo’

When trying Map drive Windows brings the error


Click on the link below and then “Option #2 Enable Function Discovery Services on Windows 10


Check if these services are enabled on your Windows: