Can't map my WD Cloud 4TB to a network share

I am using Windows 8.1, and the WD Discovery tool. As an example, it finds my WDTV ok and gives me the option to map a network share no prpblem. It also finds my WD Cloud ok but the option to map a network share is greyed out (leaving me just Configure or Creat desktop shortcut for the Cloud). I cannot figure out how I can activate the option to map a network share for my WD CLOUD. I have seen the Youtube videos and the option is activated in those - but not for me. I must be doing something wrong! Please help.

Try mapping the My Cloud share manually. 

Mapping a Personal Cloud drive or WD NAS drive on a Windows PC 

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Thanks for the suggestion. I follow those instructions but in the map network options all I have to choose from is my “HOME” network. There are no WD Cloud selections for me to map. Any other suggestions to get them visible so I can select them to map them manually?

on your windows 8 computer open a command prompt and try to do a ping on the name you assigned to your Ex4 device.

do you get the expected output with correct ip address listed?

what happens when you type the following in the network share box:



Still no luck. I tried those things and when I entered the details you suggest but replacing it with my own details it says error code 0x80070043 the network name cannot be found. I tried all sorts of name variations and none worked.  I feel there is a simpele solution I am just missing because as I said I can map by WD TV easy but not the CLOUD. 

Ok, I finallty figured it out:

To upload files from your computer onto your WD My Cloud:

1. Open a Run dialog box by pressing the Windows and R keys at the same time.
2. In the Open field, enter \\ followed by the name of your WD My Cloud drive. (The default name is 


, without the spaces.) Example:


3. Click OK.  

Windows Explorer opens with available shares listed in the right pane.
4. Double-click the name of a particular share (Public is a share created automatically) to open the folder and view any existing subfolders.
5. Drag and drop files from your computer (or any other connected storage devices) to this share.
Note: If you copy files from your computer to your WD My Cloud, those files will reside in two places: in the original location and on your drive.

It prompted me for a user name and password and I just used my login details for Windows.
Thanks all for your help.

In windows 8, search for device manager.

Open Device Manager…

Top left of device manager.

Click file, Options.

Then delete files. =]

Then open file explore.


Your My Cloud should be listed as a computer.

Open the name of your My Cloud.    ex. mine is serverdrive.

Then you should see your shares/folders.

right click then you can map your folders.

Thanks & Goodluck.