Trouble understanding copying files to EX4100

I apologize in advance as I am sure this has been solicited prior. I am a new EX4100 owner and I am having real problems understanding how to copy files to the NAS. I run WIN10. Is there a way to connect a USB device directly to teh EX4100 and see it in the dashboard so you can drag. Is there a way to see the EX4100 as a device in explorer. Right now when I search the network if I doulbe click the NAS it just opens up the web URL. I have alot of file si would liek to copy from flash drives to the NAS. Please assist. Thank you

Hi mrieg19,

You can refer the link given below to know about USB to NAS file transfer in WD My Cloud EX4100 device.

Moreover, You can follow the below mentioned links in order to get the shares in your windows 10 computer’s file explorer.


You can manually map the shares of your My Cloud EX4100 device. Refer to the link given below.

You can also contact WD’s Technical support for further assistance from the links given below.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.


Of the links that were shared, this one might be the most relevant.

I plugged in a USB drive into the front port on my EX4100 for the first time today and found that it auto created a share called “bup_rd-2”, so if you see a name similar to that when browsing the list of shares this is most likely your USB drive. Quickest way to browse shares is to access them via Windows explorer. My NAS has an IP Address of, so I search on \ in the Quick Access Toolbar section and this works quite well.