WD Elements Play Stuck on Boot/Logo (Change HDD)

I’m using an old WD Elements Play wdbnlc0020hbk-00.

Never had any issues with it until recently when the internal HDD died. Unknowingly, I replaced it with a 500GB Seagate formatted as NTFS. Now the box is stuck at the logo screen.

Does this box only accept WD type hard drives, or maybe it simply needs a new firmware?

Thank you.

Yes, it is coded for only WD internal drives.

Thanks for replying.

I went ahead today and bought a new 1TB WD internal drive. Did a fresh format as NTFS, only one partition.

Unfortunately, the same thing is happening.

What can I do now? Does the drive need special kind of partitioning?

Also, another strange thing happened after I removed the drive from the box. From NTFS the box made it a RAW partition. So something is happening when it tries to boot from the drive.

Please give me a hint on what I could do next. Thanks.