WD Elements Play 1TB - Returning to "Home" screen


I wonder if anybody could help me?  I’m having a problem with my WD Elements play drive.

When I try and play programmes/movies from an external USB hard disk, after an indeterminate amount of time and without warning, the whole system will either Freeze, Return to the Home Page (without remembering where in the programme it was or reboot its-self).

I have used it without any problems since Christmas and this issue has only become a problem in the last couple of weeks.  It is sadly rendering the product unusable at the moment.

I wondered if anybody else is having the same or similar problems and if there is any suggestion to fix this?

Could it be the format of the attached drive maybe and actually nothing to do with the WD its-self?  I’m hoping it isn’t the WD because its a great little piece of Kit

I have updated the firmware to the latest version available from the WD website but the problem still persists.

Thanks in advance for your answers.


It appears that the elements has malfuctioned and would need to be replaced

to be sure explain you connections 

Do you have a external drive connected? If so what type?

WHat is the exact firmware?

Is there data on the elements?

Explain when you say you try to play programs?

I have the elements play connected via a HDMI cable

It’s an external Seagate 650GB drive

Firmware is 1.0.10 (or whatever the latest verision is on this site)

There is data on the elements

I select a program and press OK, within 5 minutes, it crashes.

It has been behaving its-self just lately though