Wd elements - chkdsk reports unspecified error

I have a wd elements hdd connected to a wdtv live box.The wdtv live is constantly showing it is connecting to usb drive but does not connect. If I plug the hdd into my laptop I get an error from windows saying that I need to scan and repair the drive. When I do so it goes for a minute and then says it cannot complete the scan due to an error. However I can access all files and folders on the drive through my pc when connected by usb.

 I have tried lifeguard diagnostics  and it shows “pass”. I ran chkdsk through command prompt and got the following info : 


Any suggestions as to what the cause is and how to fix it please???

It seems that some of the files in the Elements are corrupted. Remember to always safely eject the Elements before disconnecting it from the PC or the WDTV. You can try backing up all of your files and then format the Elements. To rule out any possible hardware damage you can also run a DLG test. 

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows