2.5 tb wd elements problem

 I have a 2.5 tb wd elements, I use on my WDTV Live hub, latley while plugged into my live hub, it will disconnect itself and it is no longer seen by the hub or network (its mapped), I then plug it into PC, and it sees it fine but always has to run disk scan and fix errors and all seems fine again. Stays fine on computer, plug back into Live Hub, repeats. You think this its the actual drive or the enclosure thats doing this?

It is possible for the WD TV Live Hub’s USB power output to be interrupted and disconnecting the drive. It would explain why it works on PC’s and needs to be scanned.

To test this, try with a powered USB hub that feeds your WD Elements drives independently from your WD TV.

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i swapped usb cable and all seems fine again thanks

 I had to come back to the post, the problem was returning, with the 2.5 TB drive, problem seems fixed after adding a powered USB Hub. Thanks