WD Elements not functioning properly! Need Help!

I have a 1TB WD Elements External HDD.
I’ve been using it for over a year now, and since a month or so I’ve been getting a lot of errors.

Firstly, the copy speeds went down to 150KBps… I used to get at least 16.7MBps.
Secondly, the device was no longer being detected by computer.

I’ve tested the external hard drive on my home *Laptop and desktop PC.
Experienced the same problems, as listed below:
(1) WD’s Data Lifeguard Diagnostics: “Too many bad sectors detected” message, as seen in attachment

(2) Devices & Printers - “Elements 25A2” is detected

(3) My Computer - Sometimes it shows K: drive, sometimes not at all

(4) Partition Wizard - “Bad drive” message
(5) Disk Management -

  • If you plug in the external hard drive, and then start Disk Management… only “Connecting to Virtual Service” message.
    *If you start Disk Management, and then plug in the external hard drive, “Disk 1 Unknown 931.48 GB Not Initialized; 931.48 GB Unallocated”

(6) Other programmes: Sometimes programmes will hang with the external hard drive plugged in

*My laptop is i7 7th Gen - 12GB Ram (So, i don’t think it’s the laptop or computer’s issue).

Solutions tried :
(1) Using a different cable
(2) Using a different system (Another Laptop)

Could someone please help with this problem? I have a lot of important data stored inside.
Thank you!

Since the drive failed in tests, indicates that issue may be with the drive and need to take data backup. You may recover data then reformat it to observe the performance of drive.

How should i recover the data when the drive is not being detected by any recovery software!?
I have formatted the drive on several occasions but, the next time I plug it in after formatting it has the same issues.