WD elements 2TB stop working

i bought the hard drive before 5 months ago,

and now the hard drive stop working.

when i tried to connect to the computer the hard drive starts spinning and the LED starts to light,

but the computer does not recognize the hard drive.

i tried with 3 different computers and still the same thing,

i tried to replace the USB3 cable and the same thing.

i understand that i lost all my data in there, but i need a the hard drive to backup my projects.

i’m really need your help

what can i do?


Have you tried using the WD DLG tool?

Please see the link below for information on how to test the unit.



i tried to use the WD DLG tool, but he does not recognize the hard drive.

he only recognize my ssd and internal hard drive.

what can i do?


My 2tb wd elements is behaving the same way.

It shows up on my device manager under disk drives.

It doesn’t show up in disk management, however, it shows below as Disk 2 unknown not initialized.

Pls reply.

I only bought mine 2 and a half months ago and it is corrupt…when I plug it into my computer it damages the computer…first time with WD and maybe the last. I haven’t had the problem before.

changed location of my wd 2tb drive  and it stopped working, got flashing light and disk inside seems to be spinning but is not been recognised on 3 laptops or via usb on my tv for watching movies. i have atleast 1.5tb of data on it which is irreplaceable. ive looked on forums and seen loads of people with the same problem which is worrying as no one seems to have a solution. wd staff how can i fix this???