WD elements 25A2 portable 1 tb not detected

Hi I am having WD elements portable drive which has lots of personal backups on it which are really important to me. My drive is fine no hardware issues only software ones my drive is not getting detected most of the times and sometimes even if it is getting detected when I open it either my pc hangs or windows explorer crashes and it is referred to as read-only memory when I check out my disk management it is not their either. My drive’s power is on but only thing is that the led usually used to blink rapidly when my drive functioned correctly but now it only blinks sometimes or none. Please help me out and please help me back up my data.

Hello averageuser1,

First, you can try to use your WD Elements on another computer to check for the same issue. It is better to backup your data if detects, then check the health of the drive using Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool.

If not detects, I would suggest using alternate data recovery tools to recover important data from the hard drive. You can have a look on below articles for more details in this concern.


try a different USB cable … it could be faulty

has happened to me, drive ‘sometimes’ is detected and sometimes not

Hi ya’ll. I also have same issue. got 8,9 years old 500 GB element that i barely used. got virus in it once that i cleaned then it started doing same thing. last time it was detected a couple of years ago by my laptop. now i connected it to my new laptop and desktop, light turned on and disk inside was spinning fine. But, after few seconds disk stops spinning but light stays on (not blinking). i tried different troubleshooting that i know but its not appearing in disk management. Data lifeguard diagnostics does not work here as this external hd is not detected by system. I don’t think that cable is bad as disk spins for few seconds then stops. i have some photos of my kid in it. Data recovery places charge to much. Anyone have some input please let me know. need some professional help but free :smile: