Please help - WD Elements portable drive wont work

Hi, Please could someone help me and provide some suggestions/advice.

I have a WD Elements portable drive 500gb. It was working before but now seems to not work properly. I have important work/data and pictures stored on there.

When the device is connected to my computer, usually it pops up to access it or can access it from my computer. However when connected it still makes the usual “da ding” connected sound, it powers up, has power lights on, but it doesnt pop up, doesnt get recognised or when i go to my computer, the my computer page is blank, frozen, not responding and makes my computer run slow, when i try to safely remove to eject it, it will not respond and therefore sometimes have to manually unplug it without it being safely removing it. However strangely, sometimes when connected, it does pop up and I can access the device and the folders to back up the work, sometimes it doesnt work so I cannot back things up as it freezes and does not respond, crashing the computer until I have to manually unplug the device again before my computer works and runs normally again. I have tried the WD drive utitlies but does not appear for it, however it appears on the device manager and says it works properly.

I have tried connected it to other computers but does not work and does the same as above for them.

Please could someone help me identify the problem and what I can do to fix it. I have had the portable device for a few years so it is out of warranty. I would really want to be able to keep and retrieve all my data, without erasing it to fix the device.

Many thanks.

Hi yvonc,

WD Drive Utility doesn’t support WD Elements and would recommend to use WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool to diagnose and check health of the drive. If drive fails, need to take a backup of important data in order to prevent data loss issues.