WD easystore not detected on one computer only

I have an 8 TB easystore that I use for storage and playback for videos and picks. Never had any prior issues with it. I usually keep it connected to my IBM ThinkPad full time. While changing locations for use, I accidentally plugged the easystore into a different USB port than what I usually keep it in and turned the computer on. Now the ThinkPad doesn’t detect it at all, doesn’t matter what USB port I plug it in. I am able to plug the easystore into all other laptops and PC’s that I own and it works fine. I’ve restarted with and without it plugged in. I’ve removed my laptop battery and left off over night, still nothing. Any ideas?

When your ThinkPad on and the Easystore connect to it. Is the LED ON on the device? Can you feel the drive spin or vibration? Have you try connection another device to the ThinkPad and it working?

Yes. I have a USB mouse that I plug in that works in all slots. Haven’t tried a jump drive though.