Need Help. WD Easystore 4TB drive is causing issues with Windows 10

Recently, my 4TB Easystore Portable SSD has been causing Windows to act up. When unplugging it, Windows resumes as it should. when plugged in however, Windows will choke up and not do anything. The drive is inaccessible on my desktop though I have yet to check my Laptop to see if the problem continues. Any ideas on how to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Hi SecurityOfficerFonz,

I would suggest you to try to connect the drive on a different computer in order to isolate the issue with the drive.

Yep, Tried it with my Laptop, does the same thing. It shows up as a drive on my system but cannot be accessed. Disk Management has proved ineffective. Power is going to it. Its a white blinking light.

Hello? I tried getting it to work but to no luck. The drive is apparently set to read only with a UDF format. @Neo33. Thanks

@Neo33 Hello?