Easystore shuts down after <2 sec

Less than 2 months ago I bought a WD Easystore hard-drive. Worked ok for the first few week - now it will not turn on (light flashes on for a second then turns off). Major issue of not being to access important files.

Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions? How can I get the files out?

Word of wisdom, etc greatly appreciated!


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yes I am having this exact problem. I now have 4 TB of external easy store WD storage that are totally useless to me. I am very frustrated and disappointed. I have worked on every online trouble shooting (ie checking drivers power source etc) there’s clearly something not right. I can’t return the device because it’s the only place I have very important files.

WD needs to help it’s customers. Do we all need a new cable of sorts? I have the SAME issues with it disconnecting on other computers I have tried.