WD Drive Utilities & Security not working with Cloud Home?

Hey guys,

Just a simple question. My Cloud Home is working perfect. Everything except “Utilites” + Security App inside the Discovery. I downloaded, executed and… both options with the following message: “Connect a supported WD unit”. See the print screen (my software its configured in Spanish).

When i connect another product like My Book appears perfectly. But no chance to see My Cloud Home over there. Any ideas?

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WD Drive Utilities, WD Backup and Security do not work with My Cloud Home, but only direct storage USB WD products.

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Thanks for taking the time to clarify this.

If utilities is not an option, there is a way to run some diagnostics or there is no chance at all?

you can collect diagnostic debug logs on the My Cloud Home … but they probably aren’t as user friendly as diagnostic tools on other My Cloud devices example

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Hi Joey! Thanks! I already downloaded the logs. Nice to see the history of the device. But a passive solution.

Taking in mind this product is oriented to people with zero knowledge, not having a mega super easy tool just to defrag, check errors, etc. sounds something not fair for the customers, don’t you think?

My Clouds & My Cloud Homes don’t need defragging … the internal hard drive is formatted EXT4 (Linux File System format)


Good to know! Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

And in case of any cluster damage or something like that? Or even to know (after a couple of years) when is the time to replace the unit inside, without loosing data. There is any way to see that kind of alerts/info without reading the logs?

With any hard drive you should always regularly back up your data because hard drives can just simply die with no warnings or alerts.

The only time i run diagnostics on hard drives is when they are playing up … but by then, it’s probably too late to do anything about it except to back up everything before it’s too late. Or in my case, always be prepared for the day.

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