My cloud home 4 Tb not recognized by WD drive utilities

I just bought a My cloud home 4 Tb and installed the WD drive utilities. I opened the utilities but I don’t see my cloud home. I don’t understand why the Utilities doesn’t recognize the My cloud home. Anybody has the same issue?

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much. Why then canI see the options of installing all those software in WD disk discovery if I can’t use them?? Why even them show them in Discovery??

Thank you

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Because My Cloud Home customers may have have My Book and My Passport USB external drives.

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So how do i get utilities for a My Cloud Home?

I returned the My Cloud Home and exchanged it for My Book and the WD Utilities software that comes with it doesn’t even recognize this drive either. It keeps saying to connect a drive when it’s already connected. WD needs to stop including garbage software. WD Discovery isn’t worth a ■■■■ either because it has very limited options other than advertising other software.

It also shows the My Cloud Home which I no longer have. It can’t be anything left behind on the drive because I restored my system to a time before I purchased it. So that isn’t the reason either. WD Discovery is just flawed. I uninstalled it.

That is totally ridiculous. If you have a My Cloud Home you don’t have apps in the discovery that do not work with that model whether or not they have My Cloud. I have two 1 tb WD blue hard drives. They reside in a DLINK NAS. Why doesn’t it recognise those drives? So you are saying that you include software for other models in the range just in case you need them? Take a leaf out of DLINKs book. Have a driver that works with each type of NAS or drive. That way you know what software works and you don’t upload worthless software. On another note re worthless. Why cant you clear the cache or recycle bin? Is it because you might have a WD My Cloud?

Yeah this is retarded. Why would you include utility software with a product that cant use it. Like duhh, I bet some WD employee is reading this and then shrugging his shoulders thinking “nothing I can do about that, welcome to corporate bullshit”