WD Discovery Service always asks for Admin password

Hi there!
I have a PC running with an Admin User and a Standard User.
When the Standard User logs in, the WDDiscoveryService.exe always asks for an Admin password.
This was never the case before!
Of course I can change the user account to admin rights, but hopefully there is another way.
Be grateful for any help.
Kind regards

Thanks for the fast reply.
I will use the better solution of the two and also make the standard user an admin.
Thanks again.

Well I thought I had the solution.
The second user has also admin rights now but still receives the message if WDDiscoveryService.exe is allowed to makes changes (ok, now without having to type a password in) but I, as the main admin never have that message…very strange!

Any other solution?
Is the desktop app WD Discovery actually necessary?

It’s only necessary to access the Private User space of the My Cloud Home from Windows or macOS computer. Else you can use the Web Browser app or My Cloud Home mobile app for iOS and Android.
NOTE: The web app has an upload limit size of 5 GB

I have decided that I need the WD Discovery to be able to synchronise my PC.
So I had re-installed the programm in the hope that this message (see earlier post) would not appear when starting up windows 10. The second user, as already mentioned, has also admin rights. There is now no need to put in an admin password anymore but now a “yes” or “no” is required.
I am afraid the solution given by the WDStaff is not acceptable. No way am I going to change the Microsoft Windows User Account Control (UAC) to the lowest setting to prevent the admin login prompt from occuring.
Any other solution please?
In the past, this was not a problem. It must have occured with some update.
Thanks in advance!

The official solution from WD is the non admin user is not supported for WD Discovery.

After searching now and then for a better solution, I found it!


I downloaded the ADK and followed the steps given by a german user.


No prompt from the UAC no more :slight_smile:

This should used as the official solution from WD!


I write about this before the knowledge base article: https://community.wd.com/t/windows-10-wd-discovery-requires-admin-password-when-non-admin-user-logs-in/224316

This is not acceptable. Such a software should not force to turn non admin into admin. Most “common sense” recommandation is to not run an admin account for day to day tasks. And for a family product as My Cloud Home It should not require to make children admin on PCs whatsoever.

This is madness and should be fixed ASAP. So far My Cloud Home is broken.



Hi AF,
I fully agree with you.
The funny thing is, before I never had this prompt. Both my wife and I have admin rights, which is ok for me, in case she needs to install something on her own. I just didn´t want to minimise the UAC.
This prompt was just annoying, and my wife would sometimes press “no” which would lead to not backing up her data.
The ADK solution is ok for me now, just a lot of GBs having to be dowloaded and installed.
Maybe WD will fix this some day.

Same situation a year later, it’s very annoying, WD should write their program to have an exception for user account control, or set the security permissions correctly or something.