Admin prompt every startup

I’ve just purchased a MyPassport Ultra 2T, and installed Discovery on my Windows 10 workstation. Whenever I start my workstation, whether the external drive is connected or not, as part of the workstation startup, I’m forced through an Admin login screen to “make changes”.
If I decline the first time, a second popup stops me, and I have to decline that one as well.
If I log in as Admin and allow the changes, I’m still stopped again, the next time I boot up.
Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a workaround?
If this is standard procedure, WD is definitely going to experience a returnez vous.
Many thanks for your thoughts.
… J

The problem seems to be solved.

I just uninstalled all the WD Discovery ■■■■.

There was no intrusive “halt” on the subsequent startup, and Win 10 sees the drive.

As is always the case, this “solution” has to go through 4 or 5 more startups before I’ll believe this has actually taken care of the problem.