My Passport showing twice in Discovery - Randomly available with non-admin accounts

Hello, I have a strange problem with my WD My Passport 5 TB in a Win 10 Pro PC. It has worked ok for quite some time, but now for some months I have not been able to access it using my non-admin account every time I use the computer, although I have set it to be available to users of the computer. I can access it with my admin account though without problems. When using a non-admin account, I sometimes get to see the drive and sometimes I only see the drive in win file explorer as “unlocker” or something similar.

Today I had some time to investigate and notice that when using my admin account, the drive is visible twice in the Discovery main window that opens when you click on the small wd logo in the system tray. One of the entries (the upper one) has a “setup wheel” icon on the right side of the disk name but the other (lower) one does not. Both entries show the same disk name and available space. Clicking on either of them opens windows file explorer and the same disk. I don’t have any other WD disks installed.

Any idea what this could be about and if the two problems are related. It sounds to me as if the non-admin account gets randomly either of these two entries and only one of them works. Just guessing of course…