My Passport Appears in Explorer but Cannot Access Files

Have a 4TB My Passport.

Appears in Windows 10 Explorer as a drive/device, but cannot access any files on it. When attempting to eject it always says the drive is busy despite not being used at all.

I have tried:

  • Switching USB cables
  • Updating drivers
  • trying other computers with different versions of windows
  • EaseUS
    All to no change or profit.

I really need these files.
I am ripping my hair out.
Anyone encountered this? Should I send it off to geek squad?

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Have you checked the ownership setting on the drive? If not then check the ownership setting of the drive, might be issue is with the ownership setting and that is why you are facing files inaccessible issue.

I am having the exact same issue. And I never set any passwords or encryption - it was working fine until now, then slowly it started going 100% busy inside Task Manager and won’t respond even after keeping it ON for hours. Same issues as the OP.

I suspect the issues on my Passport started after I installed WD Discovery a month ago. That’s for the first time in 2 years I’ve owned this drive. I got the latest one from WD Downloads and this is around the same time when the issues started. I don’t know if it did a Firmware Update or something in the background, cause that’s what I’m suspecting.