Admin privileges needed?

I just installed mycloud home, and allocated space for the kids on the drive. My daughter keeps being asked for an admin pin by wd discovery when she logs into her windows 11 laptop.

Surely she doesn’t need to be an admin user to actually access the personal space with wd discovery?

Any solutions?


User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo ( (See page 17)

Have you looked at the Knowledge Base too?

That doesn’t give the information. The issue is related to needing admin rights for family to access their shared space

Have you had the chance to look at the Knowledge Base for the MCH? Nobody can read through that in a few minutes but it does recommend solutions. In an attempt to reduce complexity and improve security of a traditional network/cloud storage, the MCH is intentionally user and share level restricted and you are better off using what WD offers or just return the unit if you still can.

You can use the webapp or mobile app without WDD installed on the desktop and that offers one level of user restricted access.