Admin user does not have private cloud


I am the administrator of my MyCloud solution.
Unfortunately the admin user only has a public cloud and not a private one as regular users do.

I set up a user account for my wife and she has access to both a private cloud and the public cloud (to which I also have access).

I need to also have access to a private cloud as an admin because we want to add more users and they are not supposed to see everything that I have there (till now I have put everything in the public repository since only me and my wife are using it).

How can I setup a private cloud for the admin user?

If you have a My Cloud Home (white on the top and silver on the bottom) the Device Owner (what you are calling admin) is the 1st person that connects to the device. If your spouse was set up 1st, then her email address ( account) is now the device owner. She can add anyone using the My Cloud Home mobile or web app as a Guest User but she cannot see anything in the guest users private space.

I’m guessing that you want to be the Device Owner and your spouse as a Guest User?
To demote your spouse as the device owner and take ownership of the My Cloud Home using your email address, following this KBA. If you want to share private space with your spouse and family, try this solution. IE I created, added that email as a guest user and gave my family full access to the private space. (parents in Missouri, siblings in Florida and New York and myself in California. WORKS GREAT!

Are you sure you have the My Cloud Home? Using the pictures below can you tell us which one you have? There is quite a different feature set for each of the drives.

My Cloud

My Cloud Home

Thank you very much for your replies. I have a WD MyCloudMirror which is similar to the My Cloud shown on the picture but with two hard disks. Sorry for not been clear about this.

My point is just that as an administrator and the first user to connect to the device I cannot see the private cloud when I use (or the Android app). Other users seem to work well about this (accessing both private and public clouds) but not the admin user. The admin user only has access to the public cloud.

I can always create another e-mail for me and associate it with a normal user to have access to the private cloud, but I wanted to avoid this workaround.

Thank you very much for your help on this matter.

I moved this thread to the correct board so people with the same product see it.

Unless I am missing something, it is simply a matter of going to the web UI and configure permissions against the shares. If you want Admin to access all of it then tick the relevant boxes. If you want users with lesser permissive access then simply create the shares and allocate the permissions accordingly.


Thank you very much. I was not finding the appropriate place to define the permissions but I found now.
Problem solved!