How i can add users with permission for specific folder

dear all ,

Hope you are all doing fine , i already bought WD cloud home , and what i can say is that " is a great device and easy to use " thank you WD ,

i have question regards the permission ,

let say i have three main folder in my wd directory :
folder1 folder2 folder3

and lest say i have 2 normal user and one is admin

how i can assign folder1 for user1
and assign folder2 to user2 ,

and the admin still can see all this folder … if there way please share it with me

also there one option if WD can take in mind which is , there internal timer in WD , let say , i want the device to work form 8:00 pm to 12:00 pm , and keep it power down for reset of day , it will be really great …

thank you all in advance


the my cloud home is not a traditional NAS. Users are added to the device using the mobile app using their email. Each user will get their own private user space. There is no way to admin permissions or user access. Each user gets their own private space and that is it.

This is a highly requested feature and WD has confirmed that they will be adding a shared “Family” folder in which all users on the device will have access to the “Family” folder but they will not be able to share other folders or manage access rights to other folders at this time.