How i can add user to My Cloud for only certain Folder not for all

Greetings all;

as i’m new in the cloud life as i have new My Claude from WD and i need to add users to my cloud network but with certain restriction as follow to share information under one folder only:-

1- has facility to update and add any new file in certain folder/s
2- no Facility to remove any file from the subject Folder
3- the other Folder not shown at his end

i will highly appreciated the feedback from your side based in your experience

Thank you all

@moh2910k Do you own a My Cloud or a My Cloud Home?

If you have a My Cloud look at the Dashboard>Help!

For a My Cloud see the User Manual for your generation, 1st or 2nd.

Thank you very much for your response and support but I have my cloud Home

Is this method will work with me or there is other solutions for my cloud home