Windows 10: WD Discovery requires admin password when non admin user logs in


I have installed WD Discovery for my My Cloud Home Duo on my son’s laptop, on which I have an admin account and his has a non admin account.

I have set up WD Discovery (3.0.260) as an admin. However, when he logs in, WD Discovery always prompt for an admin password (for no obvious reason).

I have already tried to reinstall it and force the installer as an admin…

This is very annoying. Is this a bug? Will it be fixed?



@AustinForest There are some processes that must be ran using the Admin Account on the Windows Computer. So when your son reboots the computer and logs in as his normal Windows user account, admin is required to run some WD Discovery processes and thus prompts of the admin user password on Windows.

I will take this feedback to engineering for comments.

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Brand new version it appears since yesterday: WD Desktop 3.2.256 on Windows and My Cloud Desktop (no release notes so far though) but the issue is still there.
It should be a no brainer for a family product. No admin password should be needed when logging as a non-admin user.
Guys what are you doing???

Well well
It’s now June 2020. 2 years after.
I had to set up a child account for my daughter on an old PC (on brand new Window 10 2004)…
And guess what, WD Discovery still asks for an admin password on launch.
So it dead simple for Families and it wants us to give admin account to children to work properly.
Guys you are not even trying… what a mess.

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This issue is over two years old? SMH, what in the world is WD waiting for? I saw the date and thought surely by now there’s a quick fix. Unfortunately not, looks like I’ll be switching to Seagate to transfer my Google Photos. Unbelievable.

Wow! I agree this is truly pathetic! You can live with a device with limited functionality, but poor or non-existant support is unacceptable.