WD Discovery can't update Utilities

On Windows 10, I click on the WD Discovery icon and load the popup dialog. I go to the Apps| WD Drive Utitlies. There is a choice for Open and Update. If I click on Open, it opens fine. If I click on Update, it gives me an error dialog.

“The Update failed due to a network issue. Please try again later.”

My internet access is working, so I don’t know what could be the “network issue”. Tried it several times after waiting a while.

I’m wondering what the problem is and if it needs a firmware update. And how to do that if it is needed.

… time passes …

I downloaded the WD Discovery manually and the Utilities manually and installed them. It looks like they are working. So I presume there was something messed up with the versions I had.


You could refer to the following link: WD Discovery INSTALL and UPDATE error resolved