WD Discovery INSTALL and UPDATE error resolved


the WD Discovery application from mycloud.com/hello or by updating won’t install. The .exe is extracting but after extraction there is an ERROR and nothing installs.

So, my solution is:

Step 1. Download WD Discovery not from mycloud com but from support.wdc.com, then unzip the package and install WD D without problems.

Step 2.
If there is update the WD D will download it but there will be a problem after extracting and it won’t install.
So, go to your TEMP folder and write down in the search panel for example: Discovery, and a list od files should appeard with Update WD Discovery.exe, right click and open the localization folder, this is the place when the application downloaded the update. then just run it and it should update the WDD.


Hello mateusz_s,

Thank you for posting your resolution, It should help others facing the same problem.