Re-installing / updating wd discovery

When you are force to update WD DISCOVERY time and time again the update fails. Here is the solution that works for me.

  1. Let the update file download to the Downloads Folder.
  2. Do NOT run it yet
  3. Go to Control Panel / Programs, and UNINSTALL the current version of WD Discovery
  4. VERY IMPORTANT. now re-boot your P.C.
  5. Suspend anti Anti-Virus software or similar.
  6. Now run the file you downloaded, and once complete, Sign-In.

Just had another frustrating 24 hours with both my Cloud Home devices varying between being shown as ‘Off Line’, via the P.C. Software or the Internet.

That kept varying, so I was certain it was a fault with the WD Servers and probably an update.

Same happened a few months ago. WD eventually fixed it, but annoyingly would not admit any problems existed their end. Same this time.

They seem to have fixed it now. Fair enough, why bother to tell the Customers (sigh)