cloud shows Off LINE

  • I signed in all of my devices and they all said offline.
  • I tried WD Discovery and couldn’t sign in because “Login was unavailable”. I uninstalled and reinstalled discovery twice and finally managed to sign into my discovery this afternoon (24hrs later)
  • Discovery, all my devices, and my cloud webpage are still showing My Cloud Home offline.

WD Servers / Software have a fault. See other posts re Share Link creation etc over the last 18 hours.

It is VERY IMPORTANT all people with these problems report this to WD directly. They do not act on these Forum posts.

So far WD do not appear to be accepting these problems as a WD issue their end, and treating each reported issue as a User equipment problem.

All Readers. Test your Drive re signing in, creating shares, and downloading from a link in a Browser and if you find a problem REPORT this yourself to WD immediately.