My Cloud Home Offline

I had done full factory default reset and yet, I can’t connect to the My Cloud Home. May I know what should I do?

same issue since yesterday evening. seems to be a general issue. I already saw more complains about

I had the same issue this AM. I jumped through hoops and ended up removing Discovery and re-installing it. That appeared to fix the problem, however, it was only afterwards I found an email that told me that there was a problem and things were being addressed via an update. I assume that means a firmware update to the My Cloud Home device. Getting into the portal, I find the device showing 7.15.1-101.

Does any one know anything more about this firmware level or anything else about the update process?

Was there any advance notification about the update?


Can I confirm that you uninstalled WD Discovery and then reinstalled WD Discovery version 4.3.336 again? Does it affect my cloud home files lost?

Yes, 4.3.336 was removed from the system and then installed again. It’s very likely that my doing that at around 6:30 my time zone was at the same time that WDC had resolved their issue, IOW, I did a bunch of investigating and reinstalling of the S/W for no good reason.

I’m not familiar with how the software on the device functions. I would assume that Discovery is independent of whatever OS is running the WDC H/W. The fact that I uninstalled then reinstalled Discovery without losing anything on my device kind of confirms that.

Additionally, I’ll add that when I was poking and prodding trying to understand why none of my systems could see the My Cloud but yet I could see it on the LAN, and, I could see my files when signed into the mycloud portal, that is what led me to look at the Windows systems and there being an issue there. The first and most obvious thing to consider was Discovery.

If you’ve lost files, I can’t help you with that – sorry. Try to find another thread in this same section that also is about the outage and in that other thread, the procedure to fetch the different logs found on the WDC device and sending them to WDC for analysis.