WD Discovery 3.4.89 and macOS 10.15 Catalina Support

WD Discovery version 3.4.89 does not support macOS 10.15 Catalina.
We are working to release a new version of WD Discovery that will support macOS 10.15.
Unfortunately, we cannot provide an exact date as to when the version of WD Discovery that supports macOS 10.15 Catalina will be released and available for download. We appreciate your patience, understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused.
In the meantime, access to the My Cloud Home can still be obtained using the My Cloud Home mobile app for Android, iOS, MyCloud.com web app or by using WD Discovery on a supported operating system including Windows.


Dear @SBrown,

Hopefully, it will be the same joke as last year where you announced that it was not compatible on day 1, that an update was coming later on, and that an update was finally coming sooner.


It is so unprofessional to let your users down and not let us know in advance that the My Cloud Home will not be compatible with Catalina on day 1.

This adds up to all the fizzle with the updated firmware.



I couldn’t agree more with @AustinForest. Yesterday I updated to Catalina. Prior to installing the latest MacOS I double checked the list of apps which are not being supported and compatible - guess what, WD Discovery was not one of them. Rest assured, I switched only to find out that My Cloud Home is gone on my Mac. And WDStaff is posting this now, October 8th? An announcement should have been made and personally emailed to all of us 6 months ago. What am I supposed to do with this useless brick now? Don’t tell me to upload my files via the web dashboard because such a suggestion is tragic on so many levels.


I echo the sentiments of the other posts. At worst case, please provide the information on how MY Cloud Mounts so that we can mount the drive some fashion. I know it is not a traditional NAS but I am assuming that you are using some sort of SMB or AFP to do so.

Being able to use SMB would be a great enhancement for the future by the way!


Incredibile its a same story like with Mojave, you work on compatibility when os is officially online and not last 5 months like other company! Especially because this OS work only with 64bit and one part of your app run 32bit!!! More then unprofessional


This is embarrasing. I love my My cloud for use as my NAS plex server.

Now I cannot add anything to it… Thanks for breaking my plex server.

You had months and months to update. Unacceptable.


after 4 month of Catalina beta testing they don’t have ready the update. Very bad!


The worst company !!! There are no words!!! They removed the family folder, now also the application on mac os 10.15 does not work, for 4 months it was impossible to do everything !!! You were busy with more important matters, deleted the family folder from the desktop application !!! And constantly offer terrible WEB access !!! Yes, nobody needs him !!! Finally, get it !!! I won’t buy anything else from my life !!! Maximum boorish behavior of company representatives !!! No one cares about users !!! Money received for products sold, and EVERYTHING, no support !!!


Sorry but this is poor from WD. Catalina has been in Beta for quite some time and no doubt developers have been given relevant information prior to the release. WD are a large company and I wouldn’t expect this sort of poor customer service. I understand you say that you cannot give a date but at least some sort of idea would be a help. Is there any work around?


I am working on moving over to DropBox via Parallels so you have lost me as a customer. Once this is done, all 3 of the drives I own will go into the trash just as your reputation. I use your products for work so now you are costing me money and time.


This is really unacceptable. The product page shows that the device is compatible with Windows & Mac but when it comes it Mac Catalina, it’s broken. What’s the use of the product if we can’t use it to its full potential.


Totally useless, and the biggest joke is without the fricking app you’re not able to see your NAS on your local network, you should fix that, it’s incredible that a company this big is not proactive, totally disappointed.


That´s hopefully a Joke ?

your wrote; WD Discovery version 3.4.89 does not support macOS 10.15 Catalina!
few weeks, month ago, we tell you that in the WD-community…
I use your product for work and privat…it cost me now a lot of time and money

really Bad Support


Can somebody tell me of a competing product that has Plex built in also?
.I’d like to switch.


@SBrown what is a work around other than a webpage shortcut for desktop?


I certainly like all the others about this, but this doesn’t seem to be of much help, as WD is simply ignoring this…

But are there any workarounds? Is there a manual way to map the network drive? There was an ancient way to use samba to connect to the network drive - but this does not seem to be working any more. The network-shares I still have from before the update indicate that WD is now using AFP to connect - and as the time-machine share still is working, I wonder if there is a way to restore the other network manually?!

And can somebody from WD please explain what exactly was broken in the update to Catalina? Maybe we can find a way to navigate around the issue with some manual work?!


Catalina work only on 64bit WD have one part on 32bit, apple send last 5 months this information but WD have some problem with apple or in WD work only PC guys


Well… Here is what I did.
Firstly I installed their crappy app (wd discovery) to windows virtual machine (you can use virtualbox it’s free with free trial windows images) and moved all data from private my cloud home storage to my mac.
Then I connected to my cloud home via SMB in mac (simply put smb://guest:guest@MYCLOUD-%first_six_symbols_of_your_device_serial_number%/Public in finder menu -> go -> connect to server dialog) and moved all data to this public folder.

You are able now to connect and see all your files with any device that support samba, but that’s it. You will obviously loose any native plex support and whatever security features available inside wd private storage.


@WD Software development team.

I don’t know if this is some corporate-wide dumb decision or something, (highly unlikely), but you guys are incapable to test your software on beta macOS for like 8 months before the final release, and make an update. Nice work.

Quit your jobs like right now and go do something else…


@SBrown It would probably help if this group could get daily updates on progress. This may help put everyone at ease and remove a lot of speculation and frustration.