WD Dashboard can't see external SN570 SSD

I’m using a WD Blue SN570 installed into an external enclosure connected to a macbookpro, running windows 10 via bootcamp . When I install WD Dashboard and run it, the dashboard does not see the external dirve. The drive is working as expected (with a slight caveat) and windows does indded see the drive and mounts it ok (except for the caveat). So does that mean that WD Dashboard can only run on devices installed as a boot drive, or is there something genuinely wrong here.

And as for the caveat …

I have only had this drive for less than a month and up to now it has been working ok. Then suddenly during a file copy, the device stopped working and windows reported an error with the device. The issue with WD Dashboard occurred even before the errors reported on the SSD, so I don’t think its related. Ideally, I would use the Dashboard to view the status of the SSD, but alas I can’t at the moment, until the problem with the Dashboard is resolved.

Furthermore, since I also have Samsung SSD (870 Evo Plus) I am also using the Samsung Magician software. It does indeed detect the SN570, but does not attempt to run anything on it, because its clearly not a Samsung drive. So if Samsung’s Magician software can detect the SN570, then why can’t WD Dashboard?

Dashboard does not officially support any third party external enclosures at this time. The reason Dashboard might not detect the device is that the enclosure might be changing the identifying information from the device in some way, which would cause it to not be presented in Dashboard. Dashboard only presents devices it recognizes as Western Digital products.

Ok, thanks for that info. I’ll have to return the device for a refund as I need to use an SSD as an external device with accompanying disk managemant software. Again, I’ll mention it’s weird that Magician does recognise SN570 but its own software WD Dashbaord can’t. This really just shows up WD for producing half baked software packaged up with a set of excuses.