WD Dashboard not detecting new SN750 Black NVME Drive Properly


Bought a WD Black SN750 NVME 1TB drive and succesfully installed Windows 8.1 on it, while Windows detects and sees the drive the WD Dashboard doesn’t seem to work properly, as you can see it says Life Remaining, Temperature and S.M.A.R.T are not supported? What’s going on? It’s the latest version too.

Hope someone can help, not happy about spending £200.00 on a drive and being worried about the official software not bothering to detect it correctly.

I’m having the same issue with my SN750, except I’m not even getting this far - It’s telling me there’s no SSD detected at all.

Laughably bad, going back to Samsung I think!

try use this one

this the link
Western Digital SSD Dashboard

i have same issue, Could you find the solution? thx

I tried 10 on it and still same issue, don’t waste your time on it, bin it and get a better branded SSD


Have you try install version and have you try to launch the WD Dashboard from the shortcut in the dekstop…? last i have case if i launch from shortcut in dekstop WD Dashboard run in black theme, but if i run from the C:\Program Files (x86)\Western Digital\SSD Dashboard\ WesternDigitalSSDDashboard.exe i got the blue theme and same issue Life Remaining, Temperature and S.M.A.R.T are not supported



Do you have to install a driver for the ssd sn750?

ssd dashboadr doesn’t recognize me ssd.



no i don’t install driver for WD Black SN750. I use Win 10 Pro



it appears to me like that


I tried it with Windows 7 and get the same as you, on Defraggler it comes up as a HDD!

I had the same issue and I just found a solution. The problem lies in the driver of the storage controller. It was supposed to be a standard NVMe driver but instead you got the AMD-RAID version somehow.

Simply go to Device Manager > Storage Controllers > AMD-RAID Bottom Device > Update Driver > Browse my computer for drivers > Let me pick from a list… > Standard NVM Express Controller. Wait for the installation to complete. Then, restart your PC. Problems should be settled then.