Dashboard - WD SSD not detected - Possible Bug - Version finds drive


This appears to be a bug with Dashboard Dashboard discovers the drive fine. My OS is Windows 10 x64.

I picked up a WD Blue 250 GB SSD. It is installed and running my OS (Windows 10). Obviously the bios sees it. Windows sees it. Disk management sees it. However, dashboard does not see it. The drive is set to AHCI and solid state drive in the bios.

Is there some other trick to get dashboard to see the drive? :confused:


Make sure the Antivirus is not blocking the app.

The only anti-virus running is Windows Defender. Would this affect Dashboard? All defender settings are set to warn and not block, so I would expect a prompt if that was blocking it.

Pretty sure there is a bug in Dashboard version

I installed version found on the following thread and it found my drive fine. Something is wrong with Dashboard

Same problem here with version I’m on Windwos 10 build 1607. Installed version from the above link and it works.

I’ve also got a 500gb WD Blue m.2 SSD that the Dashboard isn’t detecting.
I’m running my Controller in RAID mode, as I’m running a RAID 10 on the system (but the m.2 is a stand-alone boot/OS device).

Any ideas?

hey, i have installed the WD Dashboard and my ssd will also not detected! Any ideas? WDC WDS500G1B0A-00H9H0 | Win 10 64