WD should update both its ssd firmware & Dashboard software to correct this bug or incompatibility of unable detect ssd when used with external ssd enclosure

WD Dashboard can’t see external SN570 SSD - WD SSD Products / WD SSD Drives & Software - WD Community

Same issue with me ,except i am on windows 11,when i am using CABLET ssd enclosure with WD SN570 500 GB nvme ssd , any fix got yet? WD should update both its ssd firmware & WD Dashboard software to correct this bug or incompatibility to detect ssd when used with any enclosure.

In the Dashboard app, it generated a report file to send to the WD support email, but WD again made a mistake in the software by not providing their email which is not mentioned on their website too.

Update: On the contrary, 3rd party softwares like all of CrystalDiskInfo, CPUID HWMonitor, Acronis True Image for Western Digital,etc can detect even the model number, S/N,firmware version,features,power on count,power on hours as well as drive health , including other complex manufacturer flash data on pcb. Its a shame that 3rd parties are giving more support and flexibility instead of wd for its devices. I hope WD makes a change in the working of its Dashboard software in the coming update and fixes this, as not everyone uses internal ssds as internal ssds,some use internal ssds with enclosure as an external ssds for their flexibility as well as industrial work needs. WD should consider this and not force its will to insert ssd inside a computer like a laptop which come already preinstalled with a oem -system manufacturer ssd and have no 2280 sized 2nd ssd socket due to space limitations in such mobile devices which are also not designed to open regularly like a desktop CPU ; All this fuss just to check drive features, update firmware and check health through a single software named WD Dashboard ? Seriously WD should make a change .Their hardware line is excellent , just improve their software line so that every type of customer can get their need.

So WD , dont force us, as Samsung SSDs dont have this compatibility issue and are identified by their own Magician software , even when used with an enclosure.

So waiting that WD changes this soon

Hi @NavneetKumarSingh,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

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Contacted them. They couldn’t solve it. They could only take feedback from me.

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