WD Dashboard Cannot Run Diagnostic Tests - SN850

I purchased a new SN850 2TB RGB drive and have not been able to get WD Dashboard to run any quick or long diagnostic tests since assembling my motherboard and freshly installing Windows 10 64bit. When I click the diagnostic test button, all it says is “Operation Failed”. Everything else with the drive seems to work fine with chkdsk passing and no Event Viewer errors with WD Dashboard or the device.

Anyone have similar issues with WD Dashboard?

CPU - Ryzen 3900X
Motherboard - ASUS X570 Dark Hero
PSU - Seasonic Focus Gold 1000W
GPU - Gigabyte 2080Ti Aorus Xtreme

This is a known issue on SN850 RGB models and should be resolved in the next release of Dashboard.

I am glad to hear that this is getting identified. My WD support representative has told me they are still trying to recreate this issue, so I was getting worried.

Hi @imaginary_num6er,

I need your help, I have really low write speed when running my 2TB in chipset M.2 slot.
On X570 Dark Hero this is the bottom slot (bottom right next to the sata ports).
Is their any chance you can connect your SN850 on this M.2 slot and do a Atto Disk Benchmark on the drive ?

This would really help me know if my drive has an issue or if my motherboard has an issue:

Thanks, Mat :slight_smile: