"Operation Failed" message on new SN850X drive

Hello, I just purchased a new SN850X drive and installed the WD Dashboard. I first updated the firmware and that worked fine. But, when I try to run the SMART diagnostic tests as soon as I click “Continue” is immediately gives me the message, “Operation Failed”. The drive seems to be working fine otherwise. Is this a known issue or is the drive faulty? I have used Windows Disk manager to scan it and it shows no error messages. Thanks for your help.

Oddly enough, the next day I tried to scan the drive again, and it worked, so the issue has magically resolved… :man_shrugging: :smiley:

It could well be that the drive requires a power down or reset after firmware upgrade. If you didn’t disconnect and reconnect the drive or reboot the system before you found a problem with running diagnostics this could perhaps explain why you subsequently didn’t find the same problem when you tried again the next day.

I would suggest that it’s always best to reboot after any software or firmware upgrade just to ensure that the installation has been fully completed and the system or registry updated if/when necessary.