WD 850 & 750 Black Drives - Only 850 Is Showing as a Black Drive in the Software, Am I doing something wrong?

Just purchased a WD SN750 drive to complement the 850 Drive I already have. The Drive Software is already installed and identifies the 850 drive as a black drive with monitoring tools and game mode etc. When I change the drive to point at the SN750 (WDS100T3X0C-00SJ) it doesn’t see it as a black drive, no drive utility options, change of colour scheme, no gaming mode settings etc.

I mean, I bought the drive so it would be the same pretty much. Feels like a waste of time now as everything I wanted and liked from the 850 seems to not be available to me with this 750 drive.

Any thoughts as to what could be wrong? I have checked firmware updates and it says there are none (Firmware: 1111)

Hi @fatandbearded,

You should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this for live assistance and troubleshooting.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


I actually sorted it. My device manager wasn’t using an nvme driver on that pci/-e slot. When I changed the driver, selected from a list and picked the nvme one it all appeared correctly.

bro, i got same problem
motherboard MSI b550m mortar wifi
sn850 on slot1, sn750 on slot2
only sn750 been identified as black drive, the sn850 shown as a Sandisk white drive A400

Deffo check my solution, I guess a speed test using disk mark would be nowhere your expected speeds? Just changing the driver for me and a restart sorted it. Let me know?

speed is ok, but still kinda weird


fatandbearded was getting a SCSI interface (one tell is the 4 character firmware string). That is why changing the driver worked for him.

You are having some network issue. You can tell because the ads bar did not load as well. The image you are seeing is the default “did not recognize this drive image”, and the gaming skins etc. are also detected by model matching based on network resources. Make sure you can connect to wddashboarddownloads.wdc.com.

that’s not network issue