W10 Installer doesn't see SN850 - Wants Drivers

Am installing W10 on a new PC, clean install. Have a WD SN850 NVME SSD 2TB installed. Shows up on the BIOS as a RAID device. But doesn’t not show up on the W10 install, wants a device driver installed. WD doesn’t appear to have device drivers, only the Dashboard, which is not recogned by W10 install. How to get W10 to see the SSD as the place to install Windows?

You can change it from RAID to non-RAID in BIOS and it will most likely work with the inbox Windows 10 drivers.

The driver it wants is your motherboard RAID driver. You should be able to get that from your motherboard vendor. Nothing from WD.

Did you find a solution here? I can’t get the Windows 11 installer to see my black 850 either and I can’t seem to find a driver for it anywhere. I’m going to lose it.

if you’re not using raid, disable VMD in bios and your drive should appear on the install screen.