WD cloud home 8tb went offline with solid white light, I listed everything I found


Dear all, here is what happening and hope if anyone can give idea to fix

  1. Suddenly went offline, I was away for a business trip and I dont remember if I click any update from iphone app

  2. I tried 40 seconds reset, it keep freshing white light over 24 hours, so I power off again

  3. When it connected to the WD cloud home case, the hard disk is not operated I think, no sound at all. Is my cloud home bricked? If yes, if I unbrick it, will I lose all the files? I am Ok to lose this hardware, but I need my files

I downloaded this,
Seems it will teach me how to unbrick, but I wont do until I confirm the data is safe after unbrick

  1. I can see the cloud home device in my wifi router management with the IP end 104, and when I ping 104, it has feedback with 0% data lost

  2. I took the hard disk from the cloud home case and connected to a SATA case and using paragon software to mount the driver 7.x TB to my Windows 7 PC

I see that i used 1.2 tb in a 7tb driver

but I cant find my files under my original folder structure
For example, Photo>2019>Summer trip> photos & video, etc
Instead, I am seeing those

And those “data files” are in unknow format,

  1. Is there any way for me to download a software to restore my files into another drive? (without WD cloud home case)

  2. If I buy a new home cloud, let say 4tb and put my exsting home cloud hard disk to it, will I able to connect via official way to move out my files?

  3. or I buy a new home cloud same as 8tb, and I copy the 7.x tb drive files into the new cloud home 7.x tb drive, am I going to read my files in the new cloud home?

I bought this for my newborn son and he is 14 months now, it will be super sad if I lost those files. It is like he is next to me, but part of him is gone…

I am Ok to buy another new cloud home to copy my files and get it back if I have too

Anyone can share experience or idea how to fix?

million thanks


Checked with WD HK support, they said the cloud home data is encrypted, so no way I can read the original folder structure I have

will get back for update 2 weeks later as doing the final try


Hi, they cheated, a working solution to read the original folder structure - exists. I can do it.
I can do the instructions how you can do it yourself if you have the skills.

It is possible that your device is working and just a data failure. I can check and try fix device.


Hi, If I heard from you earlier will be good, I already sent out to their lab via Fedex yesterday afternoon